Mineral Water Supply KL & Selangor

Mineral Water

Ace Water Marketing supplies Clean, Fast and Reliable bottled mineral water delivery service to your office or home with health and halal certificates KL & Selangor.

Our mineral water source is from aquifer below 100 meters underground water in Peninsula Malaysia, The raw water will be processed by high quality micron filtration and treatment system to remove impurities, remove sludge, fine sand and unpleasant odors and tastes. The water is further processed to remove micro level organisms size level up to 0.2 micron and through UV sterilization to kill bacteria in the water.

Using the latest innovative and advance bottling processing plant that emphasizes in cleanliness of water and good quality bottles. Our processing plant meets quality of local government authorities certification and Ministry of Health.

Mineral water is a healthy option, purified by nature and delivered right to your office or home hassle free. We pride ourselves on our quality of product, service and understand that a great customer experience is the key to any successful business.

  • Our mineral water is spring water that has the ideal mineral composition required by the human body.
  • Our mineral water quality is 100% pure with no preservatives or additives.
  • We have an extensive range of dispensers and complete system perfect for your office or home.
  • Our 5 gallon mineral water delivery is reliable, non-interrupted, consistent and fast delivery within 1-3 days from order dater.

We have served over 5,000 customers since 2018 with 100% satisfaction and 5/5.0 rating in Shopee. In addition to our bottled water delivery, we also supply water dispensers, water coolers, and other custom solutions to uniquely suit your needs in Klang Valley.

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